Marco Bonati

Owner/Loan Officer

NMLS # 1019590

Since earning my degree from Antioch College in 2001 I have worked in the real estate industry. My career began as a Settlement Agent, conducting real estate closings at NJB Settlement. Early in my career, I witnessed the excesses that led to the 2008 mortgage crisis and the aftermath that followed.

During this period of time, mortgage borrowers routinely mentioned having difficulty communicating with their lender/loan officer. These borrowers claimed to be unaware of their final loan terms and often complained about needing more money to close their transaction than they were initially told. Since most lenders do not attend the closing, as a Settlement Agent, I was responsible for smoothing things out at the closing table and helping borrowers understand their loan terms and closing costs.

In 2012, I transitioned from the title side of the business to mortgage lending at ARC Financial as a Loan Officer. My experience as a Settlement Agent shaped my approach to being a Loan Officer to the extent that I wanted to keep my clients informed of their financing options, loan status, and loan terms. Making myself available to clients when they are available (outside of 9-5 business hours) seemed like an obvious first step in promoting lender/borrower communication. Additionally, I took time to explain to clients all financing options available to them and provided updated estimates throughout the process to make certain that my clients were always aware of the funds needed to close and their monthly payment. Clients appreciated the personalized service I offered and soon enough began referring their family, friends, and colleagues to me for mortgage financing.

In 2022, I founded Mortgage Broker’s Best, LLC (aka MBB Loans) on the principle that home buyers and homeowners deserve personalized mortgage lending services and competitive rates.

If you need real estate financing or have real estate financing questions please call me or another Loan Officer at Mortgage Broker’s Best for assistance. We’re always available when you need us and are happy to help you Finance Your Future!